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The Field Sites of INTERACT

The INTERACT infrastructure network is an existing and proven effective network of 33 terrestrial field bases throughout the Arctic. This network strategically samples the wide environmental and land-use envelopes of the Arctic and is also geographically diverse. It provides a wide range of disciplinary observations and research and gives outreach at all levels from shool students to Government Ministers. Twenty of the stations offer Transnational Access to user groups via INTERACT Transnational Access programme.

These infrastructures already provide and facilitate the research and observations that contribute to major environmental assessments such as the Millennium Assessment of Ecosystems, the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, IPCC and the current Arctic Council’s Cryosphere Assessment (SWIPA, but the demands for innovative observation, research and outreach are accelerating.

To the network of INTERACT field bases is added an increasing number of stations with Observer Status.


Below is a figure of the location of the SCANNET/INTERACT infrastructures in environmental space. Note: (a) land use variation and intensity decreases from top to bottom on the figure, (b) the site numbers are not related to partner numbers.

Location of INTERACT stations in 'environmental space'

INTERACT stations: 1 Finse Alpine Research Center 2 Bioforsk Svanhovd Research Station 3 Sverdrup Station, Ny-Ålesund 4 Tarfala Research Station 5 Abisko Scientifi c Reseach Station 6 Kilpisjärvi Biological Station 7 Kolari Research Unit 8 Kevo Subarctic Research Station 9 Oulanka Research Station 10 Khibiny Educational and Scientifi c Station 11 Mukhrino Field Station 12 Numto Park Station 13 Samoylov Research Station 14 Spasskaya Pad Scientifi c Forest Station 15 Chokurdakh Scientific Tundra Station 16 Barrow Arctic Research Center/Barrow Environmental Observatory 17 Toolik Field Station 18 Kluane Lake Research Station 19 CEN Radisson Station 20 CEN Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuarapik Station 21 CEN Clearwater Lake Station 22 CEN Umiujaq Research Station 23 CEN Boniface River Station 24 CEN Salluit Research Station 25 CEN Bylot Island Field Station 26 CEN Ward Hunt Island Station 27 Arctic Station 28 Greenland Institute of Natural Resources 29 Sermilik Research Station 30 Zackenberg Research Station 31 Litla Skard 32 Faroe Islands Nature Investigation (FINI) 33 Cairngorm. Observer stations: A NERC Arctic Research Station B Netherlands Arctic Station C Polish Polar Station – Hornsund D Petuniabukta Station E ALPFOR, Alpine Research and Education Station Furka F Sonnblick Observatory G Krkonoše (CZ)/Karkonosze (PL) National Park H Labytnangi Ecological Research Station I Igarka Geocryology Laboratory J Aktru Research Station K Igloolik Research Center