Infrastructures offering Transnational Access within INTERACT


Altogether 20 research stations located in the Northmost Europe and Russian Federation offer access in INTERACT.

You can find the list of these stations and the access days they offer from below.

More information about the availability of the stations during the winter and summer seasons and other practical information can be found from the station websites or by contacting WP4 or station managers.  

Particip no Research station Short name of infrastructure Days offered in 2011-2014 Contact
2 Zackenberg Research Station, Greenland ZAC 1072 Zackenberg Secretariat,
3 Oulanka Research Station, Finland OULANKA 641 Riku Paavola,
7 Faroe Island Nature Investigation, FINI SCS 823 Lis Mortensen,
9 Tarfala Research Station, Sweden TRS 419 Gunhild ”Ninis” Rosqvist,
10 Kevo Subarctic Research Institute, KEVO 530 Otso Suominen,
11 Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Finland KILPIS 464 Antero Järvinen,
12 Kolari Research Unit, Finland KOLARI 117 Mikko Jokinen,
13.1 Arctic Station, Greenland ARCST 262 Daan Blok,
13.2. Sermilik, Greenland SER 331 Thor Nygaard Markussen,
14 Greenland Institute of Natural GINR 307 Katrine Raundrup,
15 Finse Alpine Research Center, Norway FINSE 417 Torbjörn Ergon,
16 Bioforsk Soil and Environment BIOFORSK 834 Lars Ola Nilsson,
18 Alt a’Mharcaidh, ECN Cairngorms, Scotland CEH 35 Christoffer Andrews,
19 Litla-Skard Monitoring Station, Iceland LBHI 41 Hlynur Oskarsson,
20 Shapsha-Mukhrino Field Station, Russia MFS 780 Elena Lapshina,
21.1 Chokurdakh Research Tundra CHO 55 Trofim Maximov,
21.2 Spasskaya Pad Research Station, SPA 55 Trofim Maximov,
22 Khibiny educational-scientific base MSU, Russia KHIBINY 172 Yulia Zaika,
23 Research Station Samoylov, Russia SAM Limited availability, consult station contact for possibilities Moritz Langer,
29 Abisko Scientific Research Station, Sweden ANS 2120 Magnus Augner,