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1st Circular: 8th Annual International Symposium on C/H2O/Energy balance and climate over boreal and arctic regions with special emphasis on eastern Eurasia

The symposium aims to discuss and integrate the results of field studies in Siberian permafrost ecosystems, as well as discuss further research cooperation. Much of the research is done at the Spasskaya Pad Taiga Research Station...Read more

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Transnational access to two Alaskan sites in the INTERACT network opens in April

Two U.S. partners in INTERACT are opening transnational access for European-based researchers to two field sites in Alaska with support from the U.S. National Science Foundation. Read more

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New book summarizing the history of the LTER site in Toolik Lake

John Hobbie and George Kling synthesize the findings from the NSF-funded Arctic LTER project based in Toolik Lake, Alaska, a site that has been active since the mid 1970's. The book presents research concerning the core...Read more

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A record number of projects to INTERACT Stations with Transnational Access in 2014

Preparations for the approaching summer field season are taking place with increasing speed, and the next six months will see a record number of user groups conducting research with support from INTERACT Transnational Access. Read more

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Environmental eInfrastructures EeI2014

Find solutions, contacts and ideas at the conference Environmental eInfrastructures EeI2014, taking place near Ascona, Switzerland, from 29 June to 4 July 2014. Read more

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Results from Zackenberg published in PNAS

A group of Finnish and Canadian scientists recently published their results from the Zackenberg Research Station in the top journal PNAS. Read more

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