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Executive Officer for the CliC International Project Office - Permanent position

The Climate and the Cryosphere (CliC) Project and the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) invite applications for a permanent position as Executive Officer for the CliC International Project Office.As a core project of the World...Read more

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The GLEESP project visits Sermilik station to reveal past climate changes

Interviews of the GLEESP project that visited Sermilik research station in South-East Greenland with support from INTERACT TA were recently published in The Press and Journal, and in the Herald Scotland. The acronym GLEESP stands...Read more

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Global Dryas Project mentioned in Science

The Global Dryas project, currently involving 16 stations of the INTERACT network, is mentioned in the "IN BRIEF" section of Science. Read more

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3rd Circular: C/H2O/Energy balance and climate over boreal and arctic regions with special emphasis on eastern Eurasia

The symposium will be held 10-12 November, 2014, in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Registration deadline is 15 September 2014. The symposium aims to discuss and integrate the results of field studies in Siberian permafrost...Read more

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Registration to the Krycklan Symposium is open!

It is time to sign up for the 11th Krycklan Symposium that takes place on the1st of October 2014 at SLU in UmeĆ„, Sweden. The symposium provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the research taking place...Read more

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Session at the ASLO 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting -Lakes in the cryosphere: From pole to pole

A special session at the ASLO 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting to bring together researchers working on lakes in arctic, antarctic or alpine environments. The meeting will take place next year in Granada (Spain), from February 22...Read more

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Photography competition, Arctic Biodiversity "Through the Lens"

The prize winner will receive a trip to the beautiful Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and selected images will be displayed at the Arctic Biodiversity Congress in Trondheim, Norway Read more

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