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Session at the ASLO 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting -Lakes in the cryosphere: From pole to pole

A special session at the ASLO 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting to bring together researchers working on lakes in arctic, antarctic or alpine environments.

The meeting will take place next year in Granada (Spain), from February 22 to 27, and we hope you will consider joining us to present an oral or poster presentation on your research in this session.

The deadline for submission of Abstracts is 10 October 2014:
Session 019 - Lakes in the cryosphere: From pole to pole

Polar aquatic ecosystems are considered to be sentinels of global change because they integrate the signals coming from different ecological compartments, and because high latitude regions are subject to rates of climate warming that are well above the global average. Moreover, these aquatic ecosystems are highly sensitive to environmental change because of their dependency on snow and ice dynamics. Polar aquatic ecosystems are relevant at the global scale given their abundance, biodiversity, importance in the landscape and multiple biogeochemical roles. Lakes from the Arctic and the Antarctic are the most distant aquatic ecosystems on Earth, but they may also share certain environmental pressures and limitations. How different are their communities, considering their disparate geological histories and separation in time and space? Is their ecological functioning similar in both polar regions, and how does this compare with alpine lakes? This session welcomes contributions about high latitude or altitude lakes, with the aim of an improved understanding of cryosphere limnology.

Antonio Camacho, Antonio Quesada & Warwick Vincent, session organizers