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New Data Release from INTERACT Stations

The ArcticDEM team announces a release of new data. This release
includes data for the Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, Nunavut,
the Faroe Islands, and northern and western regions of Greenland. Data
for other regions in the Arctic will continue to be released on a
quarterly basis.

ArcticDEM is a National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) and
National Science Foundation (NSF) public-private initiative to produce a
high-resolution, high quality, digital surface model (DSM) of the Arctic
using optical stereo imagery, high-performance computing, and open
source photogrammetry software. Upon completion, ArcticDEM will
encompass all land area north of 60 degrees latitude including all of
Greenland, the state of Alaska, and the Kamchatka Peninsula of the
Russian Federation.

The ArcticDEM project was created in response to the need for high
quality elevation data in remote locations, the availability of
technology to process big data, and the need for accurate measurement of
topographic change.

Producers of ArcticDEM intend for the final product to be a collection
of time-dependent elevation models and the infrastructure to process the
flow of imagery from the expanding collection of satellites producing an
increasing volume of high-quality data.

For more information about ArcticDEM and to download data, go to:

For questions, contact:
Polar Geospatial Center
Email: pgc@umn.edu