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Global Dryas Project mentioned in Science

The Global Dryas project, currently involving 16 stations of the INTERACT network, is mentioned in the "IN BRIEF" section of Science.

In autumn 2013, Tomas Roslin, Malin Ek and Bess Hardwick from the University of Helsinki invited the INTERACT Stations to take part in the Global Dryas Project. The project focuses on a fundamental ecosystem function of massive proportions – the pollination of Avens (genus Dryas in Rosaceae) – and using it as a model system for understanding the ecosystem services of the Arctic.

Examining present-day latitudinal gradients in the pollinator community structure and Dryas seed set can help to predict how future changes in species’ distributions will alter local pollination services. The network of INTERACT stations that consists currently of 69 stations around the arctic, northern and northern alpine areas, offers a unique set of observatories for the purpose.

The 16 INTERACT stations involved in the Global Dryas project are contributing by monitoring the flowering of Dryas, by sampling the local pollinator community and by recording the resultant seed set, thus helping to build the Global Dryas project a pan-arctic success.

The text in Science is available at http://www.sciencemag.org/content/345/6196/492.full