INTERACT book on good practises of Research Station Management

INTERACT Management Planning book.
Spasskaya Pad Research Station.
Power controls, Toolik, Alaska, USA.

INTERACT 2014. INTERACT Management planning for arctic and northern alpine research stations - examples of good practices. Ed.: Topp-Jørgensen et al. DCE - Danish Center for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University, Denmark. 324 p. 

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INTERACT research stations are often located in very remote areas of the Arctic and often managed with limited ressources. This means that station managers have to develop cost effective management practises and come up with innovative (and cheap) solutions to often complicated problems.

One of the cornerstones in the INTERACT project is the exchange of station management practises between INTERACT station managers. Therefore INTERACT partners have identified topics of importance for station management and described good practises and lessons learned.

The resulted in a book about management of arctic and northern alpine research stations. In this book station managers share their knowledge and experience gained frommanaging a set of very diverse research stations in very different environmental and climatic settings.

The book covers issues like management planning, policies, permit issues, handling of visitors, outreach, science plans, data management and education. The target audience for the book is mainly managers of research stations in arctic and alpine areas, but it is our hope that it will also be a useful tool for others being involved in science coordination and logistics.