Report on Research and Monitoring at INTERACT stations

INTERACT book on Research and Monitoring.
Research tower, Spasskaya Pad, Russia.
Measuring station, Toolik, Alaska, USA.

INTERACT 2015. INTERACT Research and Monitoring. Eds.: Topp-Jørgensen, E., Tairova, Z., Rasch, M. and Hansen, J., DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University, Denmark.


The INTERACT Research adn Monitoring book can be downloaded here: 

The INTERACT network of more than 75 research stations hosts thousands of scientists every year who conducts research and monitoring activities from one or more stations. The station managers of the INTERACT stations have produced a book that provides an overview of research and monitoring activities conducted in the network.

The book is about the research and monitoring activities that are carried out at arctic and northern alpine research stations in the INTERACT network. It provides recommendations for a minimum monitoring programme, describes best practices for monitoring selected parameters through established scientific networks and programmes, and presents an overview of scientific disciplines and monitored parameter groupscovered by the stations.

INTERACT Metadata Database

The book is published together with a searchable metadata database allowing scientists and other stakeholders to search out details on the different research and monitoring projects which have taken place at the INTERACT stations providing data for the book.

The INTERACT metadata database can be accessed here.