Station Managers' Forum - Report deliverables

Chokurdakh Reserarch Station, Russia.
Accomodation and visitor, Zackenberg, Greenland

The Station Managers' Forum will produce a number of written deliverables in the project period (2011-2014).


In addition to this there is the non-documented benefits arising from bringing together a large number of highly skilled and experienced researchers, practitioners, and local people to discuss environmental change and challenges, research and monitoring systems and station management.


Written deliverables of the Station Managers' Forum include:  

  • Station Managers' Forum meeting minutes (from 7 meetings)
  • Report on 'Research and Monitoring at INTERACT sites'
  • Report on ‘Abilities of the stations within INTERACT’
  • Report on ‘Best practices of Station Management and Administration at Arctic Research Infrastructures’


These minutes and reports are made available on the web-site.