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International workshop report on Arctic terrestrial biodiversity
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Station Managers' Forum meetings will be held twice a year and provide an opportunity for station managers to meet, exchange knowledge and discuss issues related to deliverables under the Interact project.

On this page you will find relevant documents from Station Managers' Forum meetings (agendas, minutes, etc.).

Station Managers' Forum 1

Abisko (Sweden), 19 January 2011

- Minutes (SMF 1)

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Station Managers' Forum 2

Hvalsø (Denmark), 10-13 October 2011

- Agenda - SMF 2

- Minutes - SMF 2

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International Workshop on Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity (12 October 2011)

(Held in connection to SMF 2, Sonnerupgaard, HValsø, Denmark)

One day (12 October 2011) has been set aside for a workshop on Arctic Biodiversity “Understandning Biodiversity Changes and Causes – Synergies in Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Research and Monitoring”. This workshop is organised joint by INTERACT, The Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme’s Terrestrial Expert Monitoring Group (CBMP TEMG) and International Arctic Science Committee’s Terrestrial Expert Group (ISAC TEG).

International, regional, national and local actors has initiated projects and programmes to improve our knowledge of landscape, climate and ecosystems to improve our ability to detect changes that allow us to deal with some of the challenging issues that the biodiversity of the Arctic is facing today. Although there are some coordination between some projects and programmes, there are still gaps in our knowledge and understanding of biodiversity distribution, changes and processes. There is therefore great potential in identifying these gaps and identify potential areas of collaboration to improve coordination and sharing of knowledge.

The workshop on Arctic Biodiversity will bring together some of the major initiative related to Arctic terrestrial biodiversity with an aim:

  • to provide participants with an overview of stakeholders in Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Research and Monitoring, incl. decision makers, science community, Indigenous Peoples Organisation, and NGOs. 
  • to ensure that workshop participants have a clear and full understanding of program goals and outputs of Arctic Council initiatives (SAON, CBMP-Terrestrial Expert Monitoring Group, AMAP), IASC Terrestrial Expert Group, ISAC and INTERACT, and opportunities for collaboration within the field of biodiversity.
  • to identify knowledge gaps and capacity constraints, and produce a list of recommended activities and topics with potential for collaboration within the field of biodiversity research and monitoring including identification of relevant participants.

The output from the workshop will be a report describing research and monitoring gaps within the field of Arctic terrestrial biodiversity, recommended areas of collaboration and contact information for networks, organisations, programmes and projects that are interested in participating in suggested activities.

 - Agenda “Understandning Biodiversity Changes and Causes – Synergies in Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Research and Monitoring”.

 - Workshop report on synergies in Arctic terrestrial biodiversity research and monitoring.

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Station Managers' Forum 3

Svanhovd (Norway), 28-29 February 2012

The Station Managers' Forum 3 was held 28-29 February 2012 in connection with the INTERACT Annual Meeting (27 February - 1 March 2012).

- Minutes (incl. agenda) (SMF3)

Station Managers' Forum 4

Krkonose Mountains national Park (Chech Republic), 25-28 September 2012

- Minutes (incl. agenda) (SMF4)

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Station Managers' Forum 5

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (Greenland), 7 March 2013

- Minutes (incl. agenda) (SMF5).

Station Managers' Forum 6

Abisko Scientific Research Station, 26-27 September 2013

- Minutes (incl. agenda and participant list)(SMF6)

In addition, WP 2 and 8 arranged a workshop on local involvement together with Tarfala Research Station to be held back to back with the SMF6 meeting (24-25 September 2013).

Station Managers' Forum 7

Oulanka Research Station, Finland, 6 February 2014.

- Minutes (incl. agenda and participant list)(SMF7)


Station Managers' Forum 8

SMF8 will be held i association with the 4th Annual Consortium Meeting to be held 24-26 November 2015 in Denmark. Minutes will be made availbale here after the meeting.