INTERACT Station Managers' Forum

Field observation, North-East Greenland.

The INTERACT Station Managers' Forum provides a platform for exchange of information between research station managers and between managers and other partners and stakeholders.

The Station Managers' Forum will facilitate knowledge exchange, and collect and disseminate information from participating research infrastructures related to ecosystem monitoring, station management and administration.

The Station Managers' Forum meetings are open to external partners (non-consortium members) and will be used to provide information from the different Infrastructures to the Network and associated partners, local communities and other interested users.

Station Managers' Forum meetings will be held twice a year at a consortium partner institution or field station.




INTERACT Station Catalogue

The Station Managers' Forum has produced a catalogue of field stations in the network (see catalogue). This includes partner stations and observer stations (stations that have joined after the project was granted). Since the catalogue was produced more stations have joined (see a list of all stations here).


If you represent an institution/organisation with a terrestrial component/program/project in the Arctic and would like to be associated with INTERACT please contact INTERACT Coordinator Margareta Johansson (

If you wish to get in contact with Station Managers' Forum leader, please contact Elmer Topp-Jørgensen (

INTERACT Research and Monitoring

The INTERACT Research and Monitoring report.

The INTERACT network of more than 70 research stations hosts thousands of scientists every year who conducts research and monitoring activities from one or more stations. The station managers of the INTERACT stations have produced a report that provides an overview of research and monitoring activities conducted in the network.

This report is about the research and monitoring activities that are carried out at arctic and northern alpine research stations in the INTERACT network. It presents an overview of scientific disciplines and monitored parameter groups, provides recommendations for a minimum monitoring programme and describes best practices for monitoring selected parameters through established scientific networks and programmes.

The repot can be viewed here (shortly).

INTERACT Metadata Database

The book is published together with a searchable metadata database allowing scientists and other stakeholders to search out details on the different research and monitoring projects which have taken place at the INTERACT stations providing data for the book.

The INTERACT metadata database can be accessed here.



INTERACT Management planning for arctic and northern alpine reseach stations

INTERACT research stations are often located in very remote areas of the Arctic and often managed with limited ressources. This means that station managers have to develop cost effective management practises and come up with innovative (and cheap) solutions to often complicated problems.

One of the cornerstones in the INTERACT project is the exchange of station management practises between INTERACT station managers. Therefore INTERACT partners will identify topics of importance for station management and describe good practises and lessons learned (also including some failed practises as one can learn as much from these as from succesful practises).

"I hope this book will be a useful tool to many station managers throughout the World, to leaders of scientific expeditions, to chief scientists on scientific vessels, and to all the other people being invilved in one or another kind of science support and/or coordination" Morten Rasch, Chairman, INTERACT Station Manager Forum

Dowload the book here
or email Elmer Topp-Jørgensen for ordering your hard copy

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