Using local knowledge to address environmental problems (Faroe Islands)

CategoriesCommunity-Based Monitoring
SummaryLocal knowledge about an eroding land bridge, provided by elderly people in Nolsoy, Faroe Islands, helped to develop a management plan

Country/ies: Faroe Islands
Region(s): Nolsoy Island
INTERACT partner(s): Jardfeingi

Theme(s)Erosion; local communities

Does environmental monitoring take place? No
What is monitored?

Target age range60-90 years
Keyword(s)Interviews; local knowledge; local history; erosion; possible climate change

Lis Mortensen (


The land bridge between the north and south of the island of Nolsoy, Faroe Islands, is disappearing because of sea erosion and increased sea level. The 70m wide land bridge, is part of the village and its disappearance poses a threat to the community. Staff at INTERACT partner, Jardfeingi, interviewed ten elders in the village (aged between 60 and 90 years of age) about this erosion. This revealed the rate at which the bridge is eroding, and helped guide further field work, which can lead to a management plan.
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The eroding land bridge in Nolsoy