INTERACT @ events

The following is a list of events in which INTERACT has participated, or will participate:


  • Workshop with local people in Kincraig, Scotland, Jan Dick (INTERACT Cairngorms station) presented work results of a four-year mammal recording study using heat-triggered cameras. Workshop was designed to encourage citizen participation in collecting data for a mammalian atlas of North East Scotland, due for publication in late 2015.
  • GEO-X Plenary & Geneva Ministerial Summit, 13-17 January 2014, Geneva, Switzerland. INTERACT represented at the European Stand of the GEO Exhibition. Also two presentations from INTERACT project members given at the EU Speaker’s Corner (one by Terry Callaghan, the other by Hannele Savela). Event details...



  • GEO European Projects Workshop, 15-16 April 2013, Barcelona, Spain.  Hannele Savela presented INTERACT. Read more...
  • Arctic Observing Summit (30 April-2 May), Vancouver, Canada. INTERACT was an organising partner. INTERACT's Terry Callaghan was a keynote speaker and INTERACT had a side meeting and a stand; conference website...
  • Third International Symposium on Arctic Research (ISAR3), Tokyo, Japan, January. INTERACT's Margareta Johansson gave a talk about INTERACT; conference website...



  • American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, USA, December. INTERACT had a booth; read more...
  • Senior Arctic Officials (SAO) meeting, Stockholm, Sweden, March
  • International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI 2012), Copenhagen, Denmark, March
  • International Polar Year (IPY), Montréal,  Canada, April
  • The sixth GEO European Project’s Workshop, Rome, Italy, May
  • Y Highland Youth Summit, Inverness, Scotland, 4 September
  • Arctic Futures 2012, Brussels, Belgium [link] [photo - INTERACT's coordinator, Terry Callaghan, speaking at the conference]



  • Royal Colloquium
  • Arctic Science Summit Week
  • COMNAP and Crown Princess of Sweden
  • Aktru Summer School
  • EU Infrastructure Committee planning group
  • VIP high level Nordic research on adaptation
  • IASC Council meeting
  • VEGA day
  • Forum of Arctic Research Operators Annual meeting
  • Scoping workshop on Arctic Change Assessment
  • Scoping workshop on Arctic Resilience Report
  • ISAC – International Collaboration and Cooperation in Arctic Science Planning for the Future
  • SIOS - Synergies and cooperation with ESFRI and Large Scale Integrated projects in the Arctic
  • European Environmental Agency (EEA) - workshop on Lay, local, traditional knowledge and citizen science
  • AMAP – The Arctic as a Messenger for global processes – Climate change and pollution