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Outreach: our aims

INTERACT aims to inform and interact with the public, stakeholders and primary, secondary and tertiary students. In particular, we will work with people living in and around the Arctic. We aim to:

  • Share current knowledge and future discoveries of the INTERACT partners in order to highlight the importance of the Arctic
  • Alert people to environmental changes in and around the Arctic
  • Influence attitudes towards Arctic environments and peoples’ behaviours
  • Gather relevant information from stakeholders such as traditional/indigenous knowledge and through community monitoring programmes
  • Work together with local people to contribute to local adaptation strategies to cope with the impacts of climate change in the Arctic.

Over the course of INTERACT we will develop a range of web-based material and run community-based projects. An initial survey of user needs suggested that providing resources such as photos and videos is a good place to start, so we have developed a photo gallery. We're now building an online Arctic glossary, resources relating to citizen science and you can follow INTERACT using the range of social media sites listed on the right.

Contact for INTERACT outreach work

Katharina Beckmann
INTERACT Secretariat

Dept. of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
Lund University
Sölvegatan 12
223 62 Lund

+46 46 222 0662

Dear Teachers and Educators!

One of our aims is to facilitate the education and recruitment of the next generation of researchers by creating a collection of free educational materials about the Arctic, for all levels of education.

To make these materials as useful as possible we kindly ask you to take this survey.

INTERACT Outreach course

"The Changing Arctic", a Mass On-line Outreach Course (MOOC) has been developed by Terry Callaghan and Hannele Savela based on the INTERACT book "Stories of Arctic Science".

The course was commissioned and supported by Tomsk State University as a joint venture between TSU and INTERACT and it is also affiliated with the University of the Arctic. The course is presented by Terry Callaghan and is available in English and  Russian. It covers all aspects of climate and environmental change in the Arctic and its local and global consequences.

INTERACT scientists are blogging about their work
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